Roborn 5G motion control robot impressed the Chairman of MTN Nigeria

Nigeria is becoming the first West African country to try 5G technology. The trial was conducted by the South Africa technology giant MTN in the 5GDemo event where Roborn's robot was showcased demonstating the 5G technology.

Trial for the Fifth Generation Technology (5G) has begun in Nigeria; this makes the country the first West African country to try the-out the latest broadband technology. The trial is made possible by the South African multinational mobile telecommunications giant, MTN. 

During the 5GDemo event, Roborn’s 5G motion control robot was showcased to demonstrate the application fo the technology, which attracted great attention from the audiences including chairman of MTN Nigeria, Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, OFR.

In the 5GDemo center in Calabar, MTN collaborated with ZTE to exhibit the proficiencies and potentials of 5G in driving economic growth and social inclusion.

Source: The African Exponent

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