iCable News: 5G Technology Helps Doctors to Break Geographical Restrictions

Roborn's Co-founder Mak Hin Yu was interviewed bu iCable News. He explained how 5G technology and Roborn's robotic arm can be applied to the medical field.

The world anticipates 5G to bring technological breakthroughs. Among them, the most notable ones include telemedicine. While not everyone dares to perform remote surgery, but will it be easier to accept if they are taking one’s pulse remotely?

Using 5G, this local startup connects different sensors in a robotic arm that helps doctors to diagnose patients remotely.

Roborn’s Co-founder Mak Hin Yu said: “Theoretically, remote technology can be applied to both Chinese and Western medicine like remote intravenous injection or remote auscultation. For example, a doctor wearing a stethoscope and can carefully touch the patient’s chest for auscultation. In the case of Chinese medicine doctoros, it can also be used for remote pulse-taking. The precise and safe system enables many applications. “

For medical applications, safety is the primary consideration. Mak said that a stable 5G network is crucial. “First, because of the relatively short latency of 5G, you can get real-time force response data. In addition, because these applications are usually equipped with a camera for viewing, you can judge how to use the robotic arm to do things through really viewing the images. “

Source: iCable News

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