To Build a High-Tech Brand that HK is Proud of

The robotic start-up produced variety robots with enthusiasm on striving to be a high-tech brand that Hong Kong is proud of. The product research and development are carried out in Hong Kong. They are specifically customizing the robots for the business clients and integrating technology into different industries to solve their technical problems.

Roborn participated in the Public Sector Trial Scheme. The outdoor disinfection robot named “Sau Wu” was researched and developed in 4 months. It previously took the trial run by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) and the harbourfronts. Mark, the Co-founder said that “EMSD has many experts in engineering. If they appreciate with our robot, it could be considered as gaining the professional recognition.” Therefore, he deliberately filled in EMSD as a partner for trial.

During the epidemic, Roborn took the initiative to overcome difficulties and developed a number of robots to safeguard and protect Hong Kong people.

Please refer to the source for the details.

Source: Hong Kong Economic Times

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