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TVB Interview: Intelligent Home, Future Scope

Foreseeing the trend of robot entering the household, Roborn develops a series of domestic robots to cater for family members’ every need, for example, brewing coffee, accompanying family members to work or study and taking care of the elderly.

Hong Kong Economic Journal Interview (Nova Management): 5G Epidemic Prevention Robot

Roborn 5G Epidemic Prevention Robot are being much more practical by taking three main advantages of 5G technology, namely low latency, high bandwidth and wide coverage with different things. For instance, the UV Light Disinfection Robot responsible for indoor disinfection is embedded with a 360-degree viewing angle camera on the top. Monitors can observe the disinfection work with 5G mobile phones for ensuring no one else on site. In addition, 5G streaming allows the robot providing a real-time communication platform. It is able to reduce the risk of contact between medical staff and patients during the patient consultations.

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