Safety Guidelines of Using Robot PEP3000

Please read the following safety guidelines when using and maintaining PEP3000. Incorrect handling of this product could possibly result in personal injury or physical damage. Roborn assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by mishandling that is beyond normal usage of the product.

Environment for the Use of PEP3000

  • PEP3000 is intended to operate and be stored indoors, on dry and flat flooring only. Must keep away from rain.
  • Do not operate the device in the presence of flammable gases or fumes.

Use of PEP3000

  • Do not apply any physical pressure or impact when operating PEP3000.
  • When PEP3000 is turned “ON”, do not place your fingers, hair, or other appendages on or near moving parts such as its camera elevator, wheels, etc.
  • When PEP3000 is in autonomous navigation mode, it must always be under adult supervision.
  • Do not leave pets unattended around PEP3000.
  • Before using the autonomous navigation mode, make sure to clear the small objects on the floor.
  • Do not place drinks, liquids or flammable objects on PEP3000.
  • When PEP3000 is moving, ensure that the persons or pets are always at least 1 meter away from it.
  • Keep PEP3000 away from stairs, ledges and slopes.
  • Do not intentionally drive PEP3000 into people, animals or objects.
  • Do not tie anything to PEP3000.
  • Be wary of driving PEP3000 over wires, thresholds and shaggy rugs as they may harm the wheels or motor.
  • Do not move PEP3000 manually while it is in autonomous navigation mode.
  • Do not break, scratch or paint on its monitor.
  • Always keep PEP3000 in an upright position.

Maintenance & Service

  • Do not handle PEP3000 with wet hands.
  • To clean PEP3000 with a clean cloth. Don’t spray or pour liquids onto it.
  • Always disconnect the power supply before cleaning or maintenance.
  • Do not disassemble PEP3000. Always refer servicing to qualified and authorized persons.
  • If you notice any missing, broken or falling parts, stop using immediately and contact customer service.

Power Supply

  • Battery replacement is to be performed only by authorized customer service.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the battery. 
  • Do not immerse the battery in any liquid.
  • Do not heat or place the battery near any heat source or direct sunlight. Do not subject batteries to mechanical shock.

Version 2.0_20200323