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Roborn successfully developed 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot

Regarding the current outbreak of novel coronavirus, Roborn successfully developed 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot (PEP, Professor Epidemic Prevention) to ease the pressure on frontline medical staff. On 8 Feb 2020 (the Lantern Festival) , Hong Kong TVB News conducted a special interview with the Roborn team on the 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot.

Wenweipo: 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot to Facilitate Temperature Detection

Most fixed infrared temperature detection devices available in the market basically rely heavily on manpower to determine the temperature with their naked eyes. As a result, human errors may occur easily and targets may be missed. Witnessing the situation, Prof. Larry Poon Ka-Yeung and Prof. Mark Mak Hin-Yu led their team to develop a 5G epidemic prevention smart robot which can complete tasks such as measure temperature, provide instant alert, deliver epidemic information etc.

Orange News: Robot to Assist in Fight against Epidemic Three Men from Hong Kong Pitched in Eight Digits to Achieve Development Dreams

With the currently raging novel coronavirus epidemic, Roborn responded to the market contingency by developing a 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot, which has already been introduced to a local medical centre. Roborn’s founders believe that technology innovation is a process of constant devotion. Only through constant devotion can they remain competitive.

Hong Kong Economic Journal Interview (Nova Management): Applying Technology to Epidemic Prevention

Roborn developed a 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot, combating the epidemic with technology. Once it detects someone with fever, it will immediately keep a record of the time, place, and location of this key contact point to enhance tracing those in close contact with the person. Using AI technology, it can accurately detect human heads, which lowers the risk of contact infection brought by manual operation.

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