HKIE: Local Robots Help Fight the Virus and Realize Dreams

Mark Mak, co-founder of Roborn, was interviewed by HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) to share his mental journey and entrepreneurial experiences.

Mark Mak, who liked to watch Gundam since he was a child, is determined to chase his dream of a mechanical hero when he grows up. After days and nights of hard work, he finally succeeded in inventing a 5G motion control robot, co-founded Roborn with his partners, and became famous all around the world.

During the epidemic, Mark and his team successfully developed an ICU robot in just two months to help medical staff improve efficiency, reduce risks, and give back to the society.

Mark said that Hong Kong’s scientific and technological strength has always been underestimated, and Hong Kong has never been short of talents, educational resources, and R&D capabilities. He hopes to use his ability and scientific research achievements to change people’s perception of Hong Kong’s technology and contribute to Hong Kong’s innovation and technology.

Source: 【港產機械人助港抗疫圓夢】專訪Roborn創辦人 – Mark Mak [Chapter 1] – EP3 – YouTube

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