Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Robot

Maintaining good IEQ is crucial to our health. Polluted indoor environment may cause discomfort such as allergies and respiratory diseases. After the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are paying more attention to IEQ in order to improve staff productivity and reduce absenteeism. However, it takes a lot of economic and human resources to collect IEQ data via various sensors constantly. Roborn’s IEQ Robot could effectively solve this issue.


Environmental Monitoring
There are numerous sensors installed in the IEQ Robot to measure the following data.

AGV allows the IEQ Robot to patrol multiple checkpoints according to customized schedules

A 360° camera is equipped to monitor the surroundings of the IEQ Robot in real-time

5G compatible
Can improve transmission efficiency

Alert Function
Notifications will be sent to the control panel automatically if there are abnormal IEQ detections


• Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of IEQ data collection and centralization, saving time and manpower
• Reducing deployment cost of individual sensors
• Providing better working environment to boost company productivity