Smart Living - Roborn Vending Machine
in Langham Hospitality Group

Roborn has always wanted to integrate technology into an “ecosystem”. As a result, we work with Ying’nFlo, a contemporary hotel and service apartment under Langham Hospitality Group, which focuses on smart living and technology. Roborn Vending Machine is now integrated into the smart ecosystem of the hotel.


To fit in Ying’nFlo’s concept of “Everything at your fingertips”, Roborn Vending Machine with a 32” LCD touch panel is matched with the hotel’s management system. Customers could simply pay by scanning the QR Code in the Ying’nFlo APP or credit card, thus simplifying the paying process as well as enhancing customers’ experience. We believed that this could achieve the goal of “Brilliant Basics”. Roborn has successfully combined and optimized the hotel’s management system, its needs and environment with customized machine design and technology application.

Note: The persons appearing in the above videos are our internal staff who agreed to participate for demonstrating the functions.