Roborn’s 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot (PEP3000)

PEP3000 is controlled and operated using Roborn’s 5G AIR PEP system with thermal imaging lens. Given the agility in deployment, PEP3000 can identify the target (i.e. people with abnormal temperature) at any key location and any specific time. Once a target is identified, the robot will then instantly alert the control centre and capture images of the target and the close contacts nearby using a 4K camera for convenient tracking to accomplish the epidemic prevention mission.

Agility in Deployment


Functions of PEP3000

Benefits of PEP3000

  • Identify high-risk patients with abnormal temperature


  • Transmit images of high-risk patients to control office for further actions


  • Deliver health information to individual and public


  • Continuous surveillance


  • Auto mode and avatar mode switching

Roborn’s 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot (PEP3000)

  • Protect front-line staffs and alleviate their working pressure

Minimize human contacts when performing necessary epidemic prevention measures (i.e. temperature measurement)

  • Accurate surveillance

Monitor targeted groups with 5G AIR PEP system

  • Proactive

Provide instant alert as well as speedy track and trace when targeted individual is identified

  • Agility in deployment

Easily move to spot which has imminent need for temperature control

Replacement of batteries is easy and convenient. There is no need for setting up electrical facilities in advance

Easily switch between Auto and Avatar mode

  • Compatible with 5G

Compatible with current and future applications, can be easily connected to next generation devices, also supports Wi-Fi ,4G, and 5G networks

Roborn delivered PEP3000 to Mr. Sit Wing Hang, Alfred, Secretary of Innovation and Technology Bureau the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Former director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department)  in March 2020.