Roborn uses motion control system as its core technology, together with 5G, AI, IoT, Cloud to drive and develop comprehensive robotic products and solutions. Roborn advocates Techanization, integrating modern technology into ecologies, realizing human-machine cooperation and virtual interaction to improve the ecologies’ productivity and efficiency and make human being better.

Roborn’s humanoid robot, with its motion control technology, can quickly recognise human motions and mimic them in an instant. The high-performance robotic arm, having hand and fingers controlled by humans with precision from a distance, allowing it to be operated in areas that are dangerous or difficult for humans to reach. Inside the robot’s head there is a camera to capture instant image for the operator to view the surroundings. 

The 5G Motion Control Humanoid Robot project developed by Roborn has gained fully support from ZTE and China Mobile as their strategic partner. Roborn was granted the 2018 Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI) in equipment and machinery design; Roborn also won the ICT Startup Award Grand Award and ICT Startup (Hardware & Devices) Award Gold Award in 2019

Value Proposition:

  1. Techanization: Integrate technology into an ecology and enable it to be more productive, efficient and sustainable for better human being as a prosperous cycle.

2.  Leadership in 5G Robotic Technology.

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