UVC Disinfection Robot

•  Safety application of UV light with strong mobility to run on any surface 

•  Agility in deployment

•  Transformable side panels to increase covered area 

•  Can be deployed in patient rooms, cargo lifts, toilets, and garbage room, etc.



Unicorn is a disinfection smart robot that can provide safety application of UVC for speedy disinfection with agility in deployment for virus fighting.



Embedded with a 360 degree viewing angle camera on the top, it ensures there is no people in the room when it delivers disinfection. The UV lamps in the middle delivers a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous UVC wave. Unicorn can transform to spread side panels to increase the UV coverage to the room, especially for the ceiling.

With a remote-controlled all-terrain vehicle at the bottom, it can run on any surface even on upslope. Therefore, it can easily and effectively disinfect patient rooms, intensive care units, operating rooms, emergency rooms and other hospital facilities. The strong mobility also provides property management with the assurance that dangerous virus such as COVID-19 in cargo lift, garbage chamber, back of house, etc can be killed.

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