Integrate technology into an ecology and enable it to be more productive, efficient and sustainable for better human being as a prosperous cycle.

Roborn’ s “Techanization

In today’s rapidly changing science and technology era, the way of life and work of human beings is changing. Science and technology drives the transformation of all walks of life, bringing huge economic benefits and opportunities to the market. But some groups are worried about the extension of technology, such as manufacturing workers who are afraid of losing their jobs because of technology, or some who believe that dependence on technology weakens the emotional factors of human society. Roborn believes that in the process of the integration of technology and human beings, we should have a “Techanization” approach to promote the economic benefits of technology, while helping to address social problems and improve people’s livelihood for the benefit of mankind.

The concept of “Techanization” is that we integrate technology into an “ecosystem” to make it grow better and prosper. The more important thing about Techanization is that the application of technology can bring benefits and make human being better, not just inventing a technology and then applying it in one area. For example, there is a factory in mainland China supplying KA, an international bathroom brand founded by Professor Larry Poon. Factory workers come from the local village less educated, but with many years of working experience in the factory. If the factory uses the traditional robot to produce bathtub, according to the design, set up a 3D program, put into the robot system, let the robot directly to do product polishing, what roles can those local workers play? Given the 5G technology, and motion control glove controlling ten robots to do the production at the same time by the worker who  operates the polishing work becomes possible. Then, those less-educated workers with experience and craftsmanship, will not worry about impact of the application of the robot on his work , and even embrace it, because the factory still has the use of good workers’ exquisite skills, and increase productivity and efficiency. A worker, despite his good craft, can only do one product, while the application of 5G robot can do from 1 to 10. This is a good example of how Techanization can benefit factory workers.

Another example of Techanization is that on a skyscraper construction site, the worker doesn’t have to go outside the building risking his life, but only needs to work in the safety zone! The worker uses the motion control glove with artificial intelligence 5G robot technology to do the movement, the matching robot outside will follow the gesture and movement in real time to finish the construction tasks, which avoids work restrictions in hot or cold weather and reduces the risks of injury from high-altitude operations.This is another example of the benefit to mankind. 

Roborn has many different core technologies at its hand, following the Techanization approach to move into an industry ecosystem, such as healthcare sector. Suffering from Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, many of the injured lost their limbs for survival, among which are many children who need to be fitted with prosthesis to support their activities. But the arm prosthesis is mostly made by silicone and very inflexible. But if there is an AI 5G robotic arm, synchronous activities can be achieved through program operation and motion control. In this way, not only functional benefits, but also emotional factors are improved, which will have a better impact on their growth path.

Integrate different technologies into industry ecosystems under the Techanization™ concept can bring out many functional and emotional benefits, making people better and happier.  It can be healthcare, education, construction, entertainment, telecommunications and even food industry, resulting in better productivity, efficiency, reducing risk and energy saving. The ecosystem of the entire industry will be changed. Everyone is following a beautiful vision with more innovative new ideas, while technology applications will become more meaningful. In this process, new technical elements will continue to emerge, re-integrated into the industry ecosystem to be applied, benefiting human beings endlessly.

This is the power of Techanization.

Case Sharing

The Roborn team shared “Techanizaiton” at Executive Development Program by The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK-APIB).

The Roborn team shared “Techanization” at「Mini-MBA」course co-organized by the Asia-Pacific Business Institute of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a listed group company.

Roborn’s co-founder and CEO, Eden Lu shared the team’s Techanization concept at a RTHK radio show called New Thinking in Management. 

Below is the transcript

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