LU, Li Han Eden

Eden Lu graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with an MBA degree. He has extensive sales and marketing experience. Prior to establishing Roborn, he worked in international luxury brands and was responsible for operations, brand management, customer experience, and business development. In 2017, Eden established with his business partner Mark Mak, soon the company was renowned in its control algorithm and 5G applications. Currently, Eden is the Co-Founder and Director of Roborn responsible for finance and operation. 

Mak, Hin Yu Mark

Mark Mak held a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2005) and a Master of Philosophy Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering (2008) from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  He also held an MBA degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2011). Mark has been a robot enthusiast since his childhood. He invented the Motion Control Humanoid Robot “ME” and its algorithm. In 2017 he founded Roborn with his business partner, Eden Lu. In 2018, Mark led the team in establishing a strategic partnership with ZTE and China Mobile, and further turned “ME” into a 5G compliance motion control humanoid robot, which is the first 5G motion control robot in China. Currently, Mark is the Co-Founder and Director of Roborn in charge of technology development and strategies. 

Professor Poon Ka Yeung, Larry

Professor Larry Poon, CEO of Roborn Technology Limited, has been teaching master’s degree programs at the Chinese university of Hong Kong Business School since 2002, including Global EMBA, EMBA and MBA. He teaches a variety of courses, including strategic management, brand building, marketing and has won many outstanding teaching awards. Professor Larry Poon is currently an honorary fellow at the Asia-Pacific Business Institute of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, an Adjunct associate Professor in the marketing department. Over the years, he has been providing consulting services on corporate strategy and identifying market development directions for companies from around the world. Professor Larry Poon serves as independent non-executive director of two Hong Kong listed companies. He is the Humanitarian Education Advisor of Hong Kong Red Cross and the Advisor of The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange.

Professor Larry Poon has been investing and running innovative and tech companies since 2001. As an academic as well as a practitioner, he has been sharing his knowledge and wisdom as the host of the long-standing radio programs called “New Thinking in Management” as well as “Talking to CEOs” by Radio Television Hong Kong.

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