kNOw Touch

Contactless Elevator Control System

Solve the hygiene problem and reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria and virus caused by the finger touching the elevator buttons


kNOw Touch is a sensor bar application for providing a touchless button interface.  It can locate the position of users’ fingertip and map the position with the lift button panel.

It is comprised of an infrared touch sensor, a relay control device and an elevator button control device. 

The infrared touch sensor is configured to emit an array of multiple infrared beams, receive reflected infrared beams, and calculate a vertical displacement and a lateral displacement according to the infrared beams to determine a corresponding coordinate information, so as to perform mapping of corresponding elevator button number and send a corresponding control command to relay control device. 

The relay control device is configured to drive the corresponding relay contact to close according to the corresponding control command. 

The elevator button control device is configured to actuate the corresponding button dry contact to close. 

This cost efficient technology only requires a small twist without the need of vast mechanical alteration to perform.

  • kNOw Touch is powered by HKPC’s Developed Technology.
  • Roborn’s exclusive distributor of kNOw Touch within the territory of Taiwan: Meander International Company Limited