Sau Wu 守護

Outdoor Disinfection Robot


                          Key Features


·       Roborn 5G AI Robotic System (for robot deployment)

·       Outdoor deployment: able to work in various outdoor settings and under different site conditions

·       5G Live-streaming with 360-degree camera for surveillance 

·       Equipped with the tough wheels for various terrains, it could move on different terrains in the outdoor areas/open areas such as upslope platform, wooden surfaces, etc.

·       Sprays and disinfects constantly and consistently

·       Various spraying modes available

·       Auto mode and manual mode

·       Mapping and Scheduling: can be programmed to disinfect along a path at critical times and areas

·       Can also work in spacious indoor areas

·       Can also water plants in parks/public areas 

The First 5G Outdoor Disinfection Robot in Hong Kong


  • To enhance public hygiene and reduce the risk of virus transmission in public. Original target areas and some additional targets should be sanitized more frequently as needed. Moreover, outdoor disinfection would be large in scale and repeated, the robot can take up this additional workload easily with its efficiency.
  • For the current workload, Sau Wu can increase the productivity. It can reduce the human contact with dirty areas while doing the disinfection job faster, protects the frontline workers and reduces their stress significantly.
  • Flexible, user-friendly and economical
  • Apart from fighting COVID-19, potential use of the Sau Wu also includes fighting other epidemic such as bird flu, H1N1 or even mosquito control.
  • As the first self-developed 5G outdoor disinfection robot by Hong Kong Tech, Sau Wu arouses citizen’s interest and curiosity, facilitating STEM education to younger generations, greatly encourages more support on Hong Kong technology development. 


Note: The persons appearing in the above videos are our internal staff who agreed to participate for demonstrating the functions.

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