R Café is an innovative robot barista system that combines robot with 5G, AI, IoT and cloud into a unique all-in-one solution, integrating coffee culture and robotic technology into a smart lifestyle emphasizing human element and users’ moment of truth.

We believe that perfect is personal, not in the pure automation of one-size-fits-all. Different people have their own ways in brewing coffee that reflects individual preference and personal tastes. Motion is the key to a great cup of pour-over coffee. Thanks to our unique robotic design and advanced motion control system, R Café can craft coffees  by mimicking the skills of individuals, duplicating the precision and reliability of a person’s hand, wrist, and elbow movements, which can be stored and perfectly repeated with the push of a single button. Precise motion in multiple directions along with precise timing of each step is tracked and executed, making any combination of pouring and motion possible to get the perfect pattern for that particular person’s preference and indulgence.

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