Delegation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China visited Roborn

On Oct.12th, Roborn had the honor to host a distinguished delegation led by the National Ministry of Science and Technology, the Bureau of Innovation and Technology, and Cyberport.

The delegation was led by Mr. Zhang Guangjun, Vice Minister of the National Ministry of Science and Technology. Other visitors included Ms. Zhang Manli, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Innovation and Technology, Mr. Chen Ximing, Chairman of Cyberport, and Mr. Ren Jingxin, CEO of Cyberport.

During the visit, Roborn’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Mark Mak, personally guided the delegation through the company’s history and showcased our innovative products. This interactive session deepened the understanding of our mission and vision among the esteemed guests.

Moving forward, Roborn is committed to furthering our contributions in the field of innovative technology. We eagerly anticipate reaching new heights in this dynamic and rapidly evolving sector.

Source: 數碼港獲認可國家級科技企業孵化器至今3年

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