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Ezone: Debut of Local Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot to Identify Potential Patients by Moving around

The robot is separated into several structures and can be moved to various locations to detect the body temperatures of different people. At the same time, it comes with a sensor which prevents itself from knocking over pedestrians and obstacles. Inside the trunk are the AI host, electric circuits, and batteries. Complemented with the 4K and thermal imaging lens at the top, the robot can accurately recognize human faces even when they are wearing masks. If the robot detects a person with abnormal temperature, it will keep a record of the image and issue alert to remind related staff to pay attention.

Speak Out HK: [Powerful Epidemic Prevention Device] Tech Company Develops 5G Epidemic Prevention Robot

Earlier on, Roborn was interviewed by Speak Out HK to introduce PEP3000.
Hong Kong people were haunted by the memories of SARS in 2003. In face of the novel coronavirus, Roborn, with the original intention of protecting front-line staff and benefiting the public, will work together and combat the epidemic by launching a “magical solution for epidemic prevention” — the 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot. It has a temperature detection function, which avoids the risk of human-to-human transmission due to manual temperature detection.

i-Cable News: Hong Kong based technology firm invested millions in developing 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot

Last year was marked as the start of 5G era in Mainland China. Following the momentum of last year, how will it develop this year? It is worth noting that scope of 5G-compatible products has now extended to robotics. In response to the outbreak of coronavirus, the Roborn team spent 15 days in developing a 5G epidemic prevention robot to identify potential patients in the community

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