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CORPHUB: Techanization Makes Technology Closer to Life

Mark Mak, co-founder of Roborn, was interviewed by Forbes, sharing the founding concept, and introducing the company’s advanced technology and main products. Roborn plans to further develop in Big Health, Property Management, and Smart City in the future, and hopes to promote Roborn’s technology to ASEAN and along the Belt and Road, so as to truly integrate technology into life.

Roborn cooperates with HKPC in commercialization of kNOw Touch Technology

Professor Larry Poon, Co-founder and CEO of Roborn said, “We are keen on building Hong Kong a prosperous international hub for innovative technology. We are proud to collaborate with HKPC and other world-class professional parties to commercialize the “kNOW Touch” solution. We firmly believe the cooperation is an important demonstration for all parties to jointly build the brand of Hong Kong Tech. We look forward to this great opportunity for unleashing Hong Kong Tech potential internationally.

“Huan Ting Shi Jie” of RTHK: Hong Kong Technology – UVC Disinfection Robot

Prof. Larry Poon, Co-found cum Chief Executive Officer of Roborn was interviewed on RTHK programme “Huan Ting Shi Jie”, introducing the Roborn’s UVC Disinfection Robot. He also explained how to safety use the UVC light on disinfection and sterilization in a rapid and effective way under the flexible deployment.

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