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The interview article by Hong Kong Wenweipo titled “Technology Enterprise Invents Epidemic Prevention Robot Tested and Sought-after in Hong Kong”

Furthermore, the robot comes with an AGV mobile platform which can keep a record of the entire path just by moving around a venue once. Afterwards, it can move around automatically and navigate by itself. Users can also set time and petrol mode according to their needs. Mak added that the epidemic prevention robot can be operated under Wifi and 4G networks and is compatible with 5G.

Interview by Eastweek Magazine, featuring Roborn 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot

5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot is on a mission against the novel coronavirus. To make a contribution to societyfight agianst the epidemic, Roborn has integrated 5G, AI, IoT and robotics technology into a unique system and successfully developed the 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot for more effective and flexible deployment within only 15 days.

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