On.cc : Robot Moves Around to Measure Body Temperature and Help Fight Against the Epidemic

Roborn’s 5G epidemic prevention smart robot is being used at EMSD, and similar robots will be arranged to test at other government venues. It is hoped that these robots can be used at various government venues to reduce the work pressure of front line staff.
A technology company team installing and testing the mobile body temperature detection robot.


(Below is a translation of the article)

There is a chance for patients of the novel coronavirus that are hidden within the community. To prevent the epidemic from spreading, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) reached out to innovation and technology companies for the development of new technology projects on fighting the epidemic through an online portal. A local technology company developed a mobile temperature detection robot. Once it detects a person with abnormal or higher body temperature, the robot will display a red image on the monitor and an alarm will be sent to alert management staff to take follow-up actions. The EMSD has arranged to test robots of the same type at various government departments, such as the Correctional Services Department, Transport Department and Leisure and Cultural Services Department. It is hoped that these robots can be used at various government venues to reduce the work pressure of frontline staff.

Prof. Poon Ka Yeung, the co-founder of the technology company, said that he and his colleagues began working on the first day of Lunar New Year and used 15 days to produce a mobile robot which combines artificial intelligence and can provide automatic body temperature detection to replace manual operation. The robot is designed to be equipped with agility in deployment; it can walk along routes set on the map and according to different environments and is especially suitable for places without fixed gates or with crowds waiting. When the Government resumed normal operation on 2 March, EMSD tested the robot at the main entrance of the EMSD Headquarters and produced satisfying results.

Source: hk.on.cc

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