Etnet: Let Robots Save the World!

Roborn's co-founder Mark Mak Hin Yu was interviewed by Etnet earlier on. He explained the mission and process behind the development of the 5G epidemic prevention smart robot. He also shared his thoughts on developing in the Greater Bay Area.

It is believed that many of us dreamt of being a hero saving the world. Mechanical engineer Mak Hin Yu Mark is one of them. When he was young, he loved playing Gundam and Transformers. His dream is to have his own robot and contribute to society. Moving towards his goal, with the Hong Kong spirit of perseverance and never giving up, as well as opportunities in various fields, he and his team created the first 5G bionic robot in China, and created 5G epidemic prevention temperature monitoring robot during the raging COVID-19. The thermal robots will do their best to control the epidemic. Mark said: “As long as we keep the original intentions of our youth and move forward, we can overcome all kinds of difficulties and realize our dreams.”

Source: etnet

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