Bastille Post: Cyberport Startup Develops Epidemic Prevention Robots to Protect Front-line Workers All-round

Roborn, a start-up company based at Cyberport has developed an epidemic prevention smart robot to relieve the stress of front-line workers, reducing their risk of infection and guarding the front lines of fighting against the epidemic.

It has been more than half a year since the outbreak of COVID-19. Since then, body temperature detection, disinfection and quarantine have become a part of our daily lives across the city. Frontline medical staff, janitors of various buildings and hotel staff have become high-risk groups susceptible to infection.

5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot “PEP3000” replaces manual body temperature detection with accurate measurement

During the Lunar New Year, Wuhan was under lockdown due to the severe epidemic. Foreseeing that Hong Kong will soon be affected by the epidemic, Roborn Technology’s founders immediately assembled a team of 10 professors and experts for the epidemic prevention solution. In just 15 days and after 3,000 hours of work, the cruising body temperature detection robot “PEP3000” was successfully developed. Equipped with infrared body temperature detection camera lens to replace manual temperature detection, and artificial intelligence technology to improve the accuracy of temperature measurement, the robot consolidates the first line of defense for epidemic prevention.

“Generally, temperature monitoring systems are only be equipped with a simple camera lens. When you are holding any heating object while passing by, even if it’s a cup of hot water, you will set off the alarm and cause a false alarm. Our “PEP3000” is equipped with an object recognition function, which can accurately identify the position of the forehead of the human body and measure the temperature without being affected by other heat-generating objects, eliminating false alarms which cause chaos to staff,” said the company’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Mak Hin Yu Mark.

Roborn’s team used artificial intelligence, IoT, 5G and other modern technologies to create a temperature-measuring robot with cruising function. It can move 1 meter per second and its infrared body temperature detection lens can detect human body temperature within 5 meters. If a person with abnormal body temperature is detected, it will issue an alarm in real time, intercept the person, and transmit data to the back office. At the same time, the robot is also equipped with a tracking function. If necessary, the responsible personnel can trace the close contacts of the day through the footages recorded by the robot, reducing the risk of community outbreak. PEP3000 has been used in many government departments. In the future, it can also be widely used in medical centers, non-profit organizations, shopping malls, schools, cruise ships and other venues.

Source: Bastille Post

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