HKET: Dream Machines Comes True

The recent feature article of Roborn interviewed by The Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET) had been released on 12 January 2021. They introduced Roborn’s robots, initially developed the 5G Motion Control Humanoid Robot, and then developed 8 types of epidemic prevention smart robots due to the epidemic last year, including the UVC disinfection robots, body temperature measurement robots, 5G conferencing robots, etc.

The latest robot is an outdoor disinfection robot named “Sau Wu” which was developed by the team in about 4 months since August of last year. It was a project approved by the Special Call under the Public Sector Trial Scheme of the Innovation and Technology Commission (ICT).  The project developed 3 robots with funding of around $2 million. Mark, Co-founder of Roborn said people have grown accustomed to the epidemic and gone out more. People always touch outdoor railings and playground facilities but the disinfection of outdoor spaces is very troublesome. Hence, he expected that the robot can be deployed for disinfection in the early morning and night, in order to ease people’s concerns.

Sau Wu have previously taken a trial test by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), Customs and Excise Department Headquarters and harbourfronts. Recently, the robot is preparing to launch in the market in the coming months while some real estate developers and property management companies consider deploying. Sau Wu was welcomed by the public when deploying at the promenades. “The robot brings more peace of mind to the public.” People would get the use of them into the habit with curiosity, but will not hinder it. Roborn indicated that the purpose of developing robots is to build up a representative tech brand in Hong Kong.

The article was released on 12 January, 2021. Please refer to the source for the details.

Source: Hong Kong Economic Times

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