Keeping Our Environment Clean: The Robots at The Frontline of The Pandemic

With two Engineering degrees from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) under his belt, Mark, Co-founder of Roborn credits HKUST for allowing his entrepreneurial career to take off this successfully, in an interview by HKUST Alumni office.

The write-up published on HKUST’s website focuses on how the UVC disinfection robot UNICORN developed by Mark’s company Roborn is keeping our environment clean at the frontline of the pandemic.

As mentioned in the write-up, demand for the Unicorn is soaring, predictably, and it’s not just the robot’s disinfecting abilities that have caught customers’ attention. Mark points out that the Unicorn is mounted as an all-terrain vehicle, meaning it can be used on a variety of surfaces, not just flat ones. In the future, Roborn aims to build and sell a range of Unicorn models with different sizes to cater for customer needs; future robots will also be equipped with coating that will prolong the cleanliness of disinfected surfaces. 

Please refer to the source for the details. 

Source: HKUST Alumni

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