【Latest Event】Revealing the Behind the Scene of Roborn’s Humanoid Robot ME Shooting Brand Hong Kong Print Ad

Roborn’s humanoid robot ME participated in the promotional video for Brand Hong Kong to promote Hong Kong's innovation and tech development. On the shooting day, ME visited the Brand Hong Kong office and showcased its ability to carry out various tasks with a delicate touch on-site.

Roborn ME was developed by Hong Kong-based team and is the first 5G AI Motion Control Humanoid Robot in China, which makes it perfectly justifiable for ME to participate in Brand Hong Kong’s recent campaign on the promotion of Hong Kong’s innovation and tech development. On the shooting day of print advertisement at Brand Hong Kong’s office, ME not only demonstrated its ability to quickly identify and mimic the operator’s body movement, but also shared its world travelling journey by pointing out the locations on the map. It even shook hands and clinked glasses with the Brand Hong Kong team when the shooting was done!

Reference: Brand Hong Kong Facebook Page

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