【Exhibition】Roborn Showcased Hong Kong’s First 5G Outdoor Disinfection Robot, Sau Wu, at HKPC’s 5G Future Hall

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) 5G Future Hall was opened on 24 April. As one of the 13 exhibitors, Roborn showcased its self-developed Hong Kong's first 5G outdoor disinfection robot Sau Wu, to demonstrate the real application of 5G technology in improving public hygiene.

Sau Wu can carry around 70 liters of disinfectant. It is equipped with 360-degree camera and a high mobility AGV which can be operated on different kinds of terrains. Through 5G and artificial intelligence technology, Sau WU can carry out outdoor disinfection work independently to help save manpower, increase efficiency, improve public hygiene and reduce the risk of virus transmission in outdoors.

Reference: Hong Kong Productivity Council

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