【Media Interview】Now Finance Interview: About The Contactless Elevator Button Panel

Roborn Co-founder and CEO Prof Larry Poon was interviewed by Now Finance, in which he shared that Roborn is taking his role in promoting the kNOw Touch- a Contactless Elevator Control Panel solution to the market for widespread use by educating lift companies as well as end-user about the product knowledge and installation, and mass-producing the kNOw Touch products to supply the market.

kNOw Touch – Contactless Elevator Control Panel, a Hong Kong technology solution that has won the highest accolade of Gold Medal with Congratulations of Jury at the prestigious “2021 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions”. With kNOw Touch installed, the users can just select the corresponding floor by pointing their fingers at close range without touching the panel. It is an effective means to minimise the risk of virus transmission through touching the elevator buttons. In early 2021, HKPC signed licensing agreement with Roborn to promote and commercialize this solution.

Professor Larry Poon, Roborn CEO (Left), and Dr. Lawrence Poon, General Manager of Smart City Division of HKPC (Right)

Source: Now Finance

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