Our China Story: Hong Kong startup Roborn’s journey of entering into the Greater Bay Area

In the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, each city has its different characteristics and positioning. Hong Kong startup Roborn took the lead in entering the Greater Bay Area, invested in major cities of the Greater Bay Area, creating synergy and leveraging the strength of the Greater Bay Area to integrate resources for better development.

The rapid economic development in Hong Kong, Macao and nine cities in Guangdong Province n has been witnessed ever since the “Greater Bay Area” concept was proposed, which also provided more market opportunities for Hong Kong companies to develop their businesses in mainland China.

Since 2016, Mark Mak, the co-founder and CTO of Roborn, began to participate in various technology innovation competitions the Greater Bay Area and won numerous awards, which provided Roborn with great opportunities to invest in major cities in the Greater Bay Area such as Dongguan, Guangzhou and Jiangmen, and establish branch offices.

Mark said that each city in the Greater Bay Area has its own unique characteristics. Roborn leverages the strengths of these cities and integrate resources for better development.

The 14th Five-Year Plan outline clearly states that Hong Kong will be supported to become an international innovation and technology hub. Mark encourages young people who want to start their own businesses in the future to be more courageous, and advises them to take advantage of the convenience of the Greater Bay Area to pursue their dreams.

Source: 灣區創業|揹起機械人去參展 「機械英雄」

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