Ta Kung Pao: Roborn Gained Venture Capital from CUHK Alumni, Stimulating the Innovation and Technology to Unleash New Power

Roborn successfully gained venture capital from CUHK alumni recently. As a Hong Kong technology company, Roborn made full use of the advantages of government policy and integrated into the Greater Bay Area to develop its business on I&T, which promotes the exchange of talents between Hong Kong and mainland China as well as contributes to the construction of a more prosperous innovation and technology environment in Hong Kong.

CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2022 (E-Day), organized by the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund, was successfully held on September 23 and 24 in Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA). The theme of the event is “Creating with Partners and Moving Forward to the Future”, and activities included interactive exhibition areas, theme lectures and entrepreneurship masterclasses, etc. The event provided an excellent interactive learning platform for teachers, students, and alumni to exchange ideas and inspire each other on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Roborn has been actively promoting the concept of ‘Techanization’ since the establishment of the company. Its 5G robot technology and I&T concept are popular among investors and has successfully gained the A round venture capital from CUHK alumni on the event. Roborn is very happy to see the growing atmosphere of innovation and technology in Hong Kong, which helps gather more creative energies. The newly invested capital not only shows the recognition and trust towards Roborn, but also accelerates the growth, transformation, and innovation of the company.

The 14th Five-Year Plan clearly states that Hong Kong will be supported to be an international innovation and technology hub. Roborn has actively responded to the government’s policy and become one of the first companies in Hong Kong to integrate into the Greater Bay Area’s I&T world. The branch offices Roborn established in the Greater Bay Area also help to build a more prosperous I&T environment for elites from both mainland China and Hong Kong. Roborn also encourages Hong Kong’s I&T talents to make full use of the unique advantages of Hong Kong and unleash the potential of Hong Kong’s science and technology innovation. Roborn believes that the well-being of Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology and high-quality sharing of brand stories will help strengthen the society’s support and confidence in the Innovation and Technology to explore more possibilities in the future.

Prof. Tuan Sung-chi, President of CUHK (third from left), Alumni Chai Ngai-chiu, Chairman of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (second from left), Alumni Chan Sai Ming, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cyberport Management Company (third from right), Mark Mak (second from right), and Eden Lu (first from right), Co-founders of Roborn.

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