HK01: Robot Company Provides Suggestions to Attract Talents

The government released the ‘2022 Policy Address’ and proposed a series of plans to introduce talents into Hong Kong. Roborn also put forward some opinions and suggestions on this topic in recent interviews, hoping to help solve the problem as well as better develop Hong Kong’s innovation and technology industry.

The 14th Five-Year Plan outline mentioned that Hong Kong will be supported to become an international innovation and technology hub. However, the problem of human capital flight has worsened in recent years. John Lee, Chief Executive of HKSAR, released the ‘2022 Policy Address’ on Oct 19th, proposing a number of plans to attract innovation and technology talents to Hong Kong.

Mark Mak, the CTO of Roborn, expressed his expectations for the ‘Policy Address’ and hope to contribute to solving the talent problem. As the co-founder of a start-up tech company that employs a few ‘Hong Kong drifters’ (港漂), Mark suggested that specialists could be arranged to make non-local talents ‘feel at home’ in all aspects of life. For example, build ‘talent apartments’ to better meet the housing needs of Hong Kong drifters, relax the threshold of ‘Scramble for Talent’ plan, and increase the quota according to the size of the company, which allows enterprises to provide more subsidies to non-local talents.

Mark also emphasized the importance of popularizing STEM education in Hong Kong, and hoped that the government would continue to allocate funds in this field to help students develop early interests in STEM and bring a steady stream of local talents to the innovation and technology sector, so as to better develop Hong Kong’s innovation and technology industry.

Source: 施政報告 ( ; 施政報告|創科業界指人才通門檻過高(

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