RTHK: Robots to the Rescue – Mark Mak

Mark Mak, co-founder of Roborn, was interviewed by RTHK and talked about his entrepreneurial experience.

Mark has been obsessed with robot since he was a child and fantasized about defending the earth with the power of robots. When entering university, he also chose to study in the Department of Electronic Engineering to realize his dream. Because of his affection for robots, he began to develop motion control humanoid robots after graduation, won the grand prize in the innovation and technology competition in the Greater Bay Area, and settled down in the local area as well as established Roborn.

In 2018, Mark cooperated with China Mobile Research Institute and successfully developed China’s first 5G motion control humanoid robot “ME” – sending instructions to the robot through human body movements through the transmission system, and directly controlling every move of the robot’s upper body. “ME” not only brought numerous awards to Mark, but also accompanied national leaders to visit the Belt and Road and reached to Africa.

Mark hopes that traditional high-risk industries such as bomb disposal, maintenance of high-voltage cables, and spray painting can be handed over to robots in the future, and operators can remotely control robots to complete the work indoors. Facing the global outbreak of covid-19, Mark immediately used the core technology of Roborn to develop various epidemic prevention robots: outdoor disinfection robots, ultraviolet light disinfection robots, remote diagnosis robots, ICU robots, etc.

The complex of being born and raised in Hong Kong prompted Mark to move Roborn’s R&D headquarter back to Hong Kong, leaving only two offices in Qianhai and Jiangmen. “I hope to prove that Hong Kong people are capable of developing robots.” He plans to develop robot arms in the GeronTech field in the next step. With the goal of innovating and helping people, Mark will continue to pursue the robot dream of Hong Kong people!

Source: 香港故事:創科夢工場:我的機械英雄夢:麥騫譽 – YouTube

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