The Roborn (T&C) Robot made its debut at the “Hong Kong Engineers Week Carnival.”

“The Hong Kong Engineers Week Carnival” was held from the 1st to the 3rd of this month at the West Kowloon Cultural District waterfront lawn. The event showcased the daily professional work of engineers to the public in an innovative way. This year’s theme was “Be The Change・Different,” aiming to debunk misconceptions about engineers. The appearance of the Roborn (T&C) Robot at the “Hong Kong Engineers Week Carnival” drew a significant crowd of interested citizens who interacted with the robot.

The Architectural Services Department (ArchSD) was one of the participating organizations in this event. They set up a booth on-site to interact and engage with the public, using games to enhance their understanding of building equipment knowledge. ArchSD utilized the Testing and Commissioning (T&C) Robot to demonstrate how technology can collaborate with the department’s daily operations at construction sites. The robot explained to the citizens how it assists the ArchSD in their work using advanced technology.

The T&C robot, Intelligent Site Assistant-One (ISA-I) was developed to perform testing and commissioning tasks in construction sites. It can carry out scheduled site inspections and measure indoor environmental quality (IEQ) & illuminance. Data collected by the robot is transformed into electronic site records for the engineers’ reference. With a special wheel design, it can operate on various terrains and can be controlled locally via a robot control interface. Encompassing an AGV chassis system, a control system, an inspection system, and a sensor system, the robot is a valuable tool for construction projects at the testing and commissioning stage.

“Human-Machine Collaboration” and the integration of architecture and technology have significantly enhanced the efficiency of engineers’ work. Through the booth exhibition at this event, many citizens have gained a better understanding of how robots assist in engineering tasks. They hope that in the future, more technology can be utilized to plan and construct cities, leading to limitless innovation in engineering development.

The Architectural Services Department’s post: The Roborn (T&C) Robot made its debut at the “Hong Kong Engineers Week Carnival.”

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