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Hong Kong Economic Journal Interview (Nova Management): Applying Technology to Epidemic Prevention

Roborn developed a 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot, combating the epidemic with technology. Once it detects someone with fever, it will immediately keep a record of the time, place, and location of this key contact point to enhance tracing those in close contact with the person. Using AI technology, it can accurately detect human heads, which lowers the risk of contact infection brought by manual operation. EMSD and Innovation and Technology Enterprises To Fight the Virus Together

In face the 2019 coronavirus epidemic, EMSD contacted Roborn through an online platform about the company’s 5G intelligent epidemic prevention robot. On the day the government resumed work, the robot was tested at the main entrance of the EMSD headquarters. After, four consecutive days of testing, the results show that its temperature monitoring function is satisfactory.

HK01: EMSD Launches Anti-Epidemic Thematic Page to Liaise with Innovation and Technology (I&T) Enterprises for the Development of New Technology Projects to Fight the Epidemic

Roborn ’s 5G epidemic prevention smart robot is used by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and similar robots will also be arranged to test in other government departments. The robots are expected to be applied to various government venues to reduce the work pressure of front-line personnel.

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