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CUHK Business Magazine: 5G Smart Robot Joins Battle Against COVID-19

Roborn’s two co-founders Mark Mak and Eden Lu, who were alumni of CUHK’s MBA programme, were both featured in the June 2020 issue of CUHK Business Magazine. The article shared the stories behind the 5G epidemic prevention smart robot and the first 5G Motion Control Robot. They also discussed the important factors that led to their success today.

TVB News: Tech Enterprise Uses 5G to Develop New Products, Telecommunications Company Believes They can only Cover Hong Kong with Network by the End of the Year

Hong Kong launched 5G network last month. Roborn cooperated with HKT, the Hong Kong telecommunications company to develop a new product, “5G remote diagnostic robot.” This robot can assist doctors in remote diagnosis, making use of advantage of 5G network to receive the doctor’s real-timer instructions and adjust the height and angle of the lens, so that the doctor can see more clearly when diagnosing.

The Secretaries of Innovation & Technology Bureau and Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau Visited Cyberport to Know More About Its Latest Developments

The Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Mr Alfred Sit and the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Christopher Hui visited Roborn’s Cyberport Office to hear their latest developments and trend yesterday, also knowing more about the robotic technology and the 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot, PEP-3000, which is developed earlier on.
As a startup located in Cyberport, Roborn is trying hard in integrating modern technology into different industries, realizing human-machine cooperation and virtual interaction to improve the ecologies’ productivity and efficiency and make human being better with the concept of Techanization™.

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