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Key to Enterpreneurial Success: Interview with Mr Mark Mak, Co-founder cum Chief Technology Officer of Roborn Technology Limited and Prof Larry Poon, Co-founder cum Chief Executive Officer of Roborn Technology Limited

During the radio interview, Mr Mark Mak and Prof Larry Poon, Co-founders of Roborn shared their market insights. Facing the COVID-19 outbreaks, their company developed several Smart Epidemic Prevention Robots for body temperature measurement, and disinfection of environment contaminated by new coronavirus with UV light.

Takungpao: Double Epidemic Prevention Smart Robots to Reduce Chance of Infection Around the Clock

Roborn Technology has developed some “epidemic prevention smart robots” that combine artificial intelligence, IoT, 5G and other modern technologies to replace manual body temperature detection with an accuracy of 99.99%. Once someone has a fever, an alarm will be issued immediately. Together with the tracking function, it makes it easier to identify potential patients and reduce the risk of community outbreak. Another robot Unicorn, uses ultraviolet light to kill the novel coronavirus in the environment. The robot has already been deployed in government departments or medical centers.

CGCC Vision: Home-Grown 5G Robot – a Start-Up Dream Comes True

Japanese robot animation could well be a collective memory of big boys born after the 1980s. For Mark Mak, Co-founder of Roborn Technology Ltd, robots are a thing of the future that he would like to build now. This was the idea that lead to the birth of China’s first 5G robot; it also turned a Hong Kong start-up company into a legend.

CUHK Business Magazine: 5G Smart Robot Joins Battle Against COVID-19

Roborn’s two co-founders Mark Mak and Eden Lu, who were alumni of CUHK’s MBA programme, were both featured in the June 2020 issue of CUHK Business Magazine. The article shared the stories behind the 5G epidemic prevention smart robot and the first 5G Motion Control Robot. They also discussed the important factors that led to their success today.

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