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Roborn FUTURE STEM Program tailored for Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College

STEM is one of the important areas for Hong Kong students to learn and be competent. Roborn tailored and conducted a program in STEM using “Integrated Project Based Learning” (IPBL) approach to unleash the potential of the students of Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College in this summer. The robot named “FUTURE” uniquely created by Roborn for STEM purpose was applied as strategic mean for teaching and learning. Students learned and played around the related hardware and software of FUTURE in the 3-day program.

Roborn Robot STEM Workshop

On 9 July and 12 July, Roborn conducted the Robot STEM Workshop at Belcher Bay Promenade. It is our pleasure to have our Outdoor disinfection robot Sau Wu and STEM education robot FUTURE at Belcher Bay Promenade for display and demonstration; such a great sight seeing the enthusiasm in the young generations’ eyes along with their endlessly curious questions. Children were able to experience technologies through designing a robot, not only did that gave our robots colours, but also filled the Belcher Bay Promenade with energy.

Oasis (KrASIA) interviewed Roborn CTO Mark Mak

Oasis is the brainchild of KrASIA and an offshoot of the 36Kr Global family. Oasis aims to provide a haven for human-centred stories on Asia’s leaders. Recently Oasis has invited Roborn CTO Mark Mak for an interview regarding insights of Asia’s leaders in a more humanised manner. Below is the full article by Stephanie Li for the interview published on 16 Jun 2021 on Oasis-KrASIA’s page.

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