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Key to Enterpreneurial Success: Interview with Mr Mark Mak, Co-founder cum Chief Technology Officer of Roborn Technology Limited and Prof Larry Poon, Co-founder cum Chief Executive Officer of Roborn Technology Limited

During the radio interview, Mr Mark Mak and Prof Larry Poon, Co-founders of Roborn shared their market insights. Facing the COVID-19 outbreaks, their company developed several Smart Epidemic Prevention Robots for body temperature measurement, and disinfection of environment contaminated by new coronavirus with UV light.

TVB News Innovation GPS: Fever Detection Robot

Roborn’s PEP3000 was featured on TVB News’ special segment Innovation GPS. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Roborn developed PEP3000 , a 5G epidemic prevention smart robot which can detect body temperatures of multiple people at the same time. The program highlights key features of PEP3000, including agility in deployment, accurate temperature detection from foreheads, and capturing of images of suspected patients and close contacts nearby for tracking.

Lion Rock Daily: Body Temperature Measuring Robot Guards Government Venues

EMSD launched an anti-epidemic thematic page on their platform to reach out to innovation and technology companies for the development of new technology projects to fight against the epidemic. Among the projects, Roborn’s mobile body temperature detection robot can quickly identify the potentially infected within the community. The robot has been used at the main entrance of the EMSD headquarters since the beginning of this month.

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