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CORPHUB: Techanization Makes Technology Closer to Life

Mark Mak, co-founder of Roborn, was interviewed by Forbes, sharing the founding concept, and introducing the company's advanced technology and main products. Roborn plans to further develop in Big Health, Property Management, and Smart City in the future, and hopes to promote Roborn's technology to ASEAN and along the Belt and Road, so as to truly integrate technology into life.

Roborn’s research and development involves different fields, including artificial intelligence, 5G transmission, image analysis system, etc., and has reached the top level of the industry in terms of basic technology. For example, Roborn can already achieve 8K video transmission in 2019.

Roborn also hopes to be able to practice technology to help the public, so at the beginning of the company’s establishment, it demonstrated the social value of technology with the concept of Techanization. Roborn continuously cooperates with industry experts to combine different technologies to maximize value.

Roborn is focusing on the research and development of remote physical therapy robots to solve the problem of insufficient manpower in nursing homes and improve efficiency. In addition to healthcare, Roborn is also developing technologies related to property management and Smart City. Mark said that if society wants to promote sustainable development and Smart City, it needs to understand the demands of the public and respond to them with corresponding technologies.

In recent years, the government has largely promoted the development of scientific research and technology innovation in Hong Kong. Roborn hopes to make good use of Hong Kong’s international status, carry out transformation and research and development here, and promote technology to ASEAN and along the Belt and Road in the future, so as to become a technology brand that Hong Kong people can be proud of.

Source: 科技生態化 讓科技貼近生活 | corphub

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