ForbesGA: Roborn | Top 30 ESG Entrepreneurs in the Greater Bay Area

Mark Mak, co-founder and CTO of Roborn, won the Top 30 ESG Entrepreneurs Awards in the Greater Bay Area. Recently, he was interviewed by ForbesGA and shared his stories.

Since the establishment of Roborn, Mark has been adhering to his original aspiration, hoping that the company he founded can use technology to make people live healthier and happier.

In the field of medical technology, Roborn has developed the ICU robot CARE, the outdoor disinfection robot SAU WU, etc. While providing assistance to medical staff, they can also protect people’s lives and health and reduce risks.

Mark said that the company will deepen the two major sectors in the future: environmental protection technology and GeronTech, which helps accelerate the construction of smart cities as well as convenient and fast services to the elderly. Mark hopes to bring people a sense of happiness through the technology he developed, adhere to the concept of ESG management, and create more high-quality technology products.

Source:Post | LinkedIn

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