Oriental Daily: Mr Mark Mak will develop the 5G live-streaming robot

Mr Mark Mak, the co-founder of Roborn will develop a 5G live-streaming robot, which will be used for video conferences.
Facing the COVID-19 outbreak, Mark has hired some staff reducing working pressure on existing colleagues.  

Mark as a co-founder of a core technology start-up, engages on the robotics development. His business is related to the hardware development and it was difficult for his colleagues to work from home even when the epidemic was raging. Thus, he encouraged his colleagues to work at the office. Mark said the robot will be originally developed according to the needs and applications of various industries; when he noticed COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in Hubei, he foreseen that an epidemic would also break out in Hong Kong. He immediately changes his business strategies and developed a series of epidemic prevention robots. Noted that the development process was under a very tight schedule; facing the COVID-19 outbreak, he hired some staff reducing working pressure on existing colleagues. Mark shared that he is now developing a 5G live-streaming robot used for video conference.  

Source: Oriental Daily

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