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In times of covid, the distances of people are far apart, arising the demand of robot in replacing part of human jobs. Roborn launched the first self-developed 5G Outdoor Disinfection Robot- Sau Wu (守護).

The Outdoor Disinfection Robot Sau Wu has equipped with 5G, AI, mapping and scheduling, which is applied to handrail and furniture in Wan Chai Temporary Promenade (灣仔海旁), Tamar Park添馬公園.

We are continuously developing the technology application to all different industries, including the medical sector. Roborn 5G Remote Diagnosis Robot (Freedom 2) is equipping with its 4K camera with 12 X zooming, allowing doctors/ nurses to inspect the patients without limitation of location. Under the remote control, doctors can inspect the specific part of patient with 12X zooming for accurate diagnosis.

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Roborn 5G Remote Diagnosis Robot- Freedom
5G Outdoor Disinfection Robot (Sau Wu守護) -was applying to handrail and furniture in Wan Chai Temporary Promenade, Tamar Park
Freedom 5G Remote Diagnosis Robot

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