【Interview】Roborn Introduced ICU Robot “CARE” and Outdoor Disinfection Robot “Sau Wu” in Sing Tao’s Interview

Roborn co-founder and CTO Mark Mak was interviewed by Sing Tao Daily, and shared his original intention of making robots. He mentioned that in order to help combat the COVID-19, Roborn has developed a variety of epidemic prevention and medical related robotic solution in a short period of time, including ICU Robot "CARE" and the 5G outdoor disinfection robot "Sau Wu", expecting to use robots to help improve the efficiency of medical care and maintain community public health.

Among them, CARE, a special robot for the intensive care unit, can be used to adjust the speed and frequency of the sprayer and ventilator through remote control, and assist the medical staff to complete part of the work in person, so as to reduce the number of times of entering the ICU ward for more efficiency.

While the 5G outdoor disinfection robot Sau Wu can be remotely controlled through 5G, and is equipped with a 360-degree panoramic camera to provide 5G real-time streaming images. It can spray disinfectant on the surfaces of outdoor facilities to improve public hygiene.

Finally, Mark said in the interview: “Until now I haven’t forgotten my original intention and I have put it into practice by making contribution in my own way to help others.”

Reference: Sing Tao Daily

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