ForbesGA ESG Top 30: Roborn’s dedication to bettering human life

As one of the Forbes Top 30 ESG entrepreneurs in China’s Greater Bay Area, Roborn’s co-founder Mark Mak was interviewed by Forbes Global Alliance (ForbesGA), where he shared his business vision and development plans for the future.

As a Hong Kong technological start-up company, Roborn is dedicated to improving people’s quality of life by optimizing operations in various industries. In this article, ForbesGA reported how Roborn strives to fulfil its ESG mission through robotic solutions incorporated into daily life and its future endeavour in gerontechnology. In the hope of safeguarding citizens’ health and safety from multiple facets, Roborn has not only invented the outdoor disinfection robot “SAU WU” in response to the pandemic, but also a robot that can be deployed into ICU rooms to control medical equipment as well as a road safety educational robot “Mr. Safegg”.

In the future, Roborn will direct efforts to gerontechnology targeting elderly health issues that arose from Hong Kong’s ageing population. For instance, Roborn is developing a piece of equipment that allows senior citizens to undergo physiotherapy remotely to reduce the time and energy required for them to get to appointments while alleviating the city’s shortage of land and medical professionals for such facilities. Besides, Roborn is also researching the use of millimetre wave radar to detect accidental falls in washrooms to further protect elderly safety.

During the interview, Mark Mak expressed, “Our passion lies in bringing happiness to people’s lives through technology.”

Source: ForbesGA

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