Roborn Develops GeronTech to Solve Market Pain Points

In recent years, many regions are facing serious population aging problems. To this end, Roborn began to develop elderly care training machines. Mark Mak, co-founder of Roborn, hoped that through scientific research, the manpower pressure of nurses and physical therapists can be relieved, and the quality of life of the elderly can be improved at the same time, so that they can live a happier, happier life and truly enjoy the "elderly" life.

Facing the trend of the country’s aging population, the shortage of physical therapists and nursing staff continues to plague nursing homes. In order to help solve such problems, Roborn and CR Enterprise jointly established the “CRE-Roborn GeronTech Robotic Joint Research Centre” to empower the traditional elderly care industry with emerging technologies and strive to provide better, efficient and safer services for the elderly.

Mark Mak, co-founder of Roborn, is the Chief Scientist of the research center. He said that GeronTech uses robots, the Internet, 5G technology and AI to cooperate with each other, and then uses programming to provide care and treatment for the elderly. After performing some core operations, the physical therapist can hand over the repetitive work to the robot, so that more elderly people can get help in time.

The elderly care robot currently being developed by the research center can remotely feel the force feedback of the elderly who are undergoing massage or physical therapy at the other end through the robotic arm, and cooperate with the 4K video transmission system to see the status of the elderly through the lens in real time. It is convenient for the therapist to provide remote guidance to the nursing staff present.

The target customers of GeronTech are the elderly, and they may not keep up with the development of new things. Mark is not worried about this. “I have confidence in technology. If it can really improve the lives of the elderly, they will definitely accept it.” His understanding of the happiness brought by technology is, “This is my original intention to become a scientist, to make human life better.”



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