Wen Wei Po: Hong Kong entrepreneur believes the Guangdong government’s new development policy would benefit the application of R&D outcomes

Lately, Mark Mak, the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Roborn, was interviewed by Wen Wei Po, where he shared his views towards the “Development Plan for the Pearl River West bank Urban Area” (the “plan”) newly announced by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province.

During the interview, Mark expressed his anticipation for policies facilitating technological development under the “plan”. As a Hong Kong entrepreneur, Mark has firsthand experience of the benefits that the Greater Bay Area brings to research and development, given that Roborn has already established a branch office in Shenzhen Qianhai and a factory in Jiangmen. With the comprehensive industrial ecosystem and massive demand for technological application within the Greater Bay Area, Roborn’s products can undergo sufficient reliability testing before entering into the market. Through the division of labor among the three cities, Roborn is able to enhance our research work in fundamental research, application research, and product refinement.

Looking ahead, Roborn eagerly anticipates that the measures supporting technological innovation within the “plan” will accelerate Hong Kong’s technological application research and development, and aid in the continuous improvement of Hong Kong’s innovative products.

Source: 文匯報

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