Mark Mak: Strong Coordination Mechanism to Boost the Greater Bay Area (Guangdong TV)

Mark Mak, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Roborn was honored with an invitation to attend the “2023 Community Entrepreneurs Cup” Guangdong Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition and the 8th Anniversary Achievement Exhibition. Mark shared his journey of innovation, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of his dreams in the fifth season of the program 《眾創英雄匯》aired on Guangdong TV. Mark emphasized the power of collaborative innovation among multiple cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which, when combined with favorable government policies, creates a fertile ground for young individuals from these regions to exchange ideas, showcase their talents, and actively pursue their aspirations.

Hong Kong enterprises are making significant strides in the Greater Bay Area

Mark led his team to develop and produce China’s first 5G motion-sensing bionic robot. The robot can be controlled in real-time through sensing devices by utilizing cutting-edge chips, enabling seamless and responsive movements. This groundbreaking project earned Mak the prestigious “Community EntrepreneursCup” Guangdong Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition award in 2019, garnering considerable attention within the country. In 2023, as one of the remarkable entrepreneurial figures in the Greater Bay Area, Mark aims to inspire young people to wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to realizing their dreams within the region by sharing his personal experiences in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Building on the success of the “Community Entrepreneurs Cup” Guangdong Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition, Mark established a research and development center in Hong Kong, attracting talented individuals from both Hong Kong and mainland China to join his team. This initiative has fostered the exchange and integration of technologies and ideas between Hong Kong and the Mainland, with a primary focus on technical research and development. Following this progress, Mark and his exceptional team established themselves in the Zhuxi Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park in Jiangmen, where they were able to leverage preferential policies offered by the local government. Additionally, they established a branch in the Qianhai area of Shenzhen, benefiting from favorable tax policies designed for Hong Kong residents.

Through collaboration with Wuyi University, Mark’s company successfully applied for an innovative research team, contributing to a total output value of 135 million RMB. Mark expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Through the combined effect of these preferential policies, our team can effectively unleash innovation and entrepreneurial vitality within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, fostering interconnectivity and collectively building the future of the region!”

The company has made significant strides by successfully developing over twenty innovative products, including disinfection robots, educational interactive robots, and surveying robots, thereby expanding the applications of robotics. Mark introduced Roborn’s latest technological advancement, the intelligent robotic arm in the program. This innovative creation not only enables remote operation but also incorporates a force feedback system, ensuring safe and precise mechanical operations. Mark envisions robots assisting businesses and technicians in various manufacturing and execution processes, even handling more dangerous tasks, thereby maximizing the utility of robotics.

In this new era, Mark is dedicated to empowering the real economy, facilitating the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and seeking breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology fields. He envisions a future filled with endless possibilities. Mark firmly believes that through concerted efforts to pursue high-quality development in the Bay Area, significant technological achievements will naturally follow.

Following the program, Mark was interviewed by Guangdong TV for a news broadcast, with the hope of inspiring and motivating young individuals to pursue their dreams in the Bay Area by sharing his entrepreneurial story.


“2023 Community Entrepreneurs Cup” Guangdong Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition and the 8th Anniversary Achievement Exhibition.

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