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World Intellectual Property Day Special Program by RTHK – Prelude to IP New Opportunities: Innovative Robotics Technology

Under the protection of intellectual property rights, Roborn is committed to the research and development of robotics technologies and solutions, and has obtained many related patents along the journey. Besides the 5G compatible motion control humanoid robots, Roborn is also developing various robots and solutions for epidemic prevention, hoping to make human life better.

China News: Remote Diagnosis Robot developed by Hong Kong’s tech company

Roborn co-founder Mark Mak introduced to China News Roborn’s recent development of a 5G robot called Freedom that can assist doctors in remote diagnosis. Mark told the reporter that the ordinary video conference system cannot meet the requirement of medical observation and have limitation of time delay. Therefore, Roborn made use of the low-latency characteristics of 5G to develop this robot that can instantly transmit 4k high-definition image to the back-end, to assist doctors in making remote diagnosis by providing real-time clear images or footage of patient.

【Media Interview】Now Finance Interview: About The Contactless Elevator Button Panel

Roborn Co-founder and CEO Prof Larry Poon was interviewed by Now Finance, in which he shared that Roborn is taking his role in promoting the kNOw Touch- a Contactless Elevator Control Panel solution to the market for widespread use by educating lift companies as well as end-user about the product knowledge and installation, and mass-producing the kNOw Touch products to supply the market.

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