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To Build a High-Tech Brand that HK is Proud of

The robotic start-up produced variety robots with enthusiasm on striving to be a high-tech brand that Hong Kong is proud of. The product research and development are carried out in Hong Kong. They are specifically customizing the robots for the business clients and integrating technology into different industries to solve their technical problems.

HKET: Dream Machines Comes True

The recent feature article of Roborn interviewed by The Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET) had been released on 12 January 2021. They introduced Roborn’s robots, initially developed the 5G Motion Control Humanoid Robot, and then developed 8 types of epidemic prevention smart robots due to the epidemic last year, including the UVC disinfection robots, body temperature measurement robots, 5G conferencing robots, etc.

China Daily: HK’s first outdoor disinfection robot by ROBORN

With the Hong Kong government’s financial support to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Roborn has successfully developed the city’s first outdoor disinfection robot called Sau Wu to safeguard the community from the coronavirus. This video filmed by China Daily introduces how Sau Wu works to disinfect the outdoors and the technologies (AI, robotics, etc.) used to enable those functions.

See more detail from the video made by China Daily.

TVB: 5G Change Our Lives Working Style

Roborn ME3 robot up to 1.8 meters high with flexible and dexterous finger movements is controlled by the lightweight motion detection technology and algorithm system. Through human body movement, user can directly control the robot to realize human-machine cooperation and virtual interaction.

SCMP: Dream machines

Eden Lu Li-han, one of the co-founders of Roborn which is a Hong Kong based company with expertise in robotic technology working on 5G, AI and IoT solutions, shares with SCMP the story of how his interest in Robot and machines since childhood have influenced his life and the development of his ideas about mechanical products for his company, such as the design of their ME Series robot (motion-controlled humanoid robots for use in hazardous environments).

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